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Free chat and free singles dating no registration, no signup, no limits and sex chat is not allowed. sexual content posting and sharing sex video links on chat line are not allowed.

The chat room Lobby is for girls, boys, teens, kids, adults, lovers, men, women, couples, singles and all who love chat and dating.

We never use chat bots and the all users online are real.

Even you are free to share your personal details on public chat room Lobby, We never recommend you to do so because there are many kinds of users/guests around the world. You can use private mode chat for all private messages.

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Sex Chatting is not allowed

There are teens and kids also in the Lobby, So please avoid sex chatting and sexual talking. Please avoid posting sexual contents and links. Specially be decent on public chat room Lobby.

We will not be liable for anything on these chat rooms since we are just a free service provider.

You are free to enter the room. If you agree above terms of use.

Nick name is enough to enter the room, No password needed.
There are no registered users and we never record users' chat history, IP or anything.

If you wanna logout from the room, click on exit button then your session will be terminated.

For private chat & dating, click on user/nick name in list of online users.

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